Sustainable Holiday Shopping – And a New and Improved Website Experience (Coming Soon!)

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I have a couple of quick updates here for you!

One – Many of the partners in the online store have holiday deals going on now, or coming up soon (too many to list them all here). Check them all out! Whether you are looking to get rid of single use plastics, use more sustainable laundry detergent, buy a cozy sweater or anything else, the online store can help. 🙂

Two – A new and improved website experience is coming soon (hopefully in the next few weeks), so stay tuned for details! The new website will have a fresh new look and will (hopefully) also be much easier to navigate.

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1% of people cause half of global aviation emissions – study


Grounded passenger planes at Groningen airport in Eelde, the Netherlands.

Further data here from the Guardian on the massive environmental impact of air travel, particularly among those who take the most flights in an average year. In addition, the failure to demand that the airline industry pay for the pollution it contributes results in a massive subsidy for airlines, while also contributing significantly to environmental degradation.

Frequent-flying “‘super emitters” who represent just 1% of the world’s population caused half of aviation’s carbon emissions in 2018, according to a study.

Airlines produced a billion tonnes of CO2 and benefited from a $100bn (£75bn) subsidy by not paying for the climate damage they caused, the researchers estimated. The analysis draws together data to give the clearest global picture of the impact of frequent fliers.

Only 11% of the world’s population took a flight in 2018 and 4% flew abroad. US air passengers have by far the biggest carbon footprint among rich countries. Its aviation emissions are bigger than the next 10 countries combined, including the UK, Japan, Germany and Australia, the study reports. (Bold mine).


With the significant pause in air travel as a result in the pandemic, what will governments and other players do to ensure that, instead of getting back to “normal” (as it was pre-pandemic), that we build back differently, with a true aim to create a sustainable future?

As a start (and this should have been done decades ago), every industry (airlines and others), must be expected to pay for the damages they create. Furthermore, there can absolutely not be any more subsidies (direct or indirect) that contribute to environmental degradation.

The researchers estimated the cost of the climate damage caused by aviation’s emissions at $100bn in 2018. The absence of payments to cover this damage “represents a major subsidy to the most affluent”, the researchers said. “This highlights the need to scrutinize the sector, and in particular the super emitters.”


Building back better is possible, if we, collectively, choose to do it, and put the full power of government, non-profits, civil society, industry and others all together. Individually, tackling this issue means looking at giving up non-essential flights and voting in governments that will take strong action on holding polluters accountable. If we don’t do it now, when will we act?

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Online Store – New Items: Encircled Clothing (Toronto)

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The online store is growing again! Encircled clothing from Toronto is now live in the online store!

Want more info? Ready to Buy? Click here

Check out the online store for more info on Encircled, plus all of the other amazing, sustainable items that are available including:

Want more info? Ready to Buy? Click here
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Canadian Federal 2021 single-use plastic ban includes grocery bags, takeout containers

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Details are emerging regarding the Canadian federal government’s upcoming ban on single use plastics. While a great deal of work remains to be done, this is one small step in the right direction. What we know at this point is that the ban will includes the following items.


Even before this announcement, many people had already begun switching away from these types of items. This switch will make it even easier to avoid single use waste at a national level, for everyone!

Have you started switching to zero waste products already? Thought about it but haven’t made the change? Well on your way to a zero waste living? Where ever we are at now (individually and collectively), chances are that this new regulation will impact all of us in some way, and will help create positive changes for the country and the environment.

Ready to make changes? The Menno Adventures online store has lots of options to help you live more sustainably. Whatever you are looking for, we have it:

New items are on their way. Stay tuned for more details soon!

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New Online Store Addition – LastObject Products!


I am thrilled to share that MennoAdventures is now partnering with LastObject – a fairly new Danish company focused on replacing single use items with reusable, sustainable alternatives. Currently, they have replacements for single use cotton swabs, travel size tissue packs, and cotton rounds, in addition to accessories (carry pouches etc). As a new company, I expect that we will see many new products coming from LastObject in the future – so stay tuned!

For more details on this, and all of the other great, sustainable products and companies we partner with, check out the online store! 🙂


Our mission – LastObject

Our mission – eliminate single use items by creating reusable sustainable alternatives.
Our purpose is to provide the world with sustainable choices.
Our values:
 Our products must have at least 10x real environmental impact vs the traditional single use products they replace.
 We build premium products with high usability and excellent design – ”good enough” is not good enough – we are obsessed with our products.
 We are end-to-end sustainable across our entire value chain, from cradle to grave.

Looking for more details: Click here

Looking for more details? Ready to order? Click here


Looking for more details: Click here

LastTissue B2C LastSwab

Looking for more details: Click here


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How philanthropy benefits the super-rich (Guardian)

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There are more philanthropists than ever before. Each year they give tens of billions to charitable causes. So how come inequality keeps rising? 


A long read, but well worth it. Not saying that I absolutely agree with every detail (specifically around the role of the non-profit world), but the general idea that I want to pull out from here is this:

Regardless of whether the ultra-wealthy occassionally use their wealth for something that happens to benefit the rest of the world, that doesn’t justify the massive wealth imbalance that allows them to be so “generous.” If CEOs and others paid their fair share in taxes, if corporations truly paid the true cost of their operations (including cleaning up pollution), if companies capped CEOs salaries (including benefits) at something reasonable and paid all staff a living wage with good benefits, if we rethink the relationship between how public goods benefit private profit, the ultra-wealthy would have a lot less money to “donate.” Likewise, at that point, we would have a lot less concern that the interests of a handful of individuals are displacing the work of government and civil society.

Here’s a bit of context to help understand what we are up against…

To understand how rich billionaires really are, use this calculator. (Guardian) (See below)

How Long Does It Take Tech CEOs to Earn Your Salary? Here

As a quick sample, I entered in a mortgage of $200,000 and Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook salary. Here’s what the calculator found:

Mark Zuckergerg: Outstanding Mortgage Payment. It will take Mark Zuckerburg

0.03 Days, 0.80 Hours, or 48.24 Minutes to earn your mortgage

Mark Zuckerburg Earns:

$2,179,050,000.00 Per Year

$5,970,000.00 Per Day

$248,750.00 Per Hour

$4,145.83 Per Minute

Link here

Extreme wealth inequality has a variety of negative impacts, even when some of that wealth happens to be used for things that some people see value in, as the opposite is also true. Just as someone can buy a policy or change that someone might like, someone else can just as easily buy off a government to get a policy that people strongly oppose

Yet the priorities of plutocracy, rule by the rich, and democracy, rule by the people, often differ. The personal choices of the rich do not closely match the spending choices of democratically elected governments. major research study from 2013 revealed that the richest 1% of Americans are considerably more rightwing than the public as a whole on issues of taxation, economic regulation and especially welfare programmes for the poor. Many of the richest 0.1% – individuals worth more than $40m – want to cut social security and healthcare. They are less supportive of a minimum wage than the rest of the population. They favour decreased government regulation of big corporations, pharmaceutical companies, Wall Street and the City of London. (Bold mine.)


And also…

The common assumption that philanthropy automatically results in a redistribution of money is wrong. A lot of elite philanthropy is about elite causes. Rather than making the world a better place, it largely reinforces the world as it is. Philanthropy very often favours the rich – and no one holds philanthropists to account for it.


And one more quote…

Philanthropy is always an expression of power. Giving often depends on the personal whims of super-rich individuals. Sometimes these coincide with the priorities of society, but at other times they contradict or undermine them. Increasingly, questions have begun to be raised about the impact these mega-donations are having upon the priorities of society.

There are a number of tensions inherent in the relationship between philanthropy and democracy. For all the huge benefits modern philanthropy can bring, the sheer scale of contemporary giving can skew spending in areas such as education and healthcare, to the extent that it can overwhelm the priorities of democratically elected governments and local authorities.


To be clear, this is not, in any way, suggesting that non-profits, civil society or good governance are futile. Rather, it is the opposite – they are so critically important that they can not be risked to appease the personal whims of the ultra-wealthy. A better system is possible, if everyone truly pays their fair share. 🙂

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Facebook Boycott Extension – Plus New Items on the Website :)

Facebook moderators call for advertiser boycott to be extended: Guardian

In line with the continued failure of Facebook and other social media organizations to effectively manage hate speech and misinformation, the Facebook advertising boycott from this website will continue into the fall, and possibly later, unless significant changes take place before that.

Until then, I am counting on you to help me out! Please share this widely in your circles, join directly through the website (subscribe to newsletters etc) instead of only through Facebook, and encourage others to do the same. Facebook is opening banking on small businesses to give up the boycott before they have to make any meaningful changes. Let’s not make life so easy for them. 🙂

On the website, there are new pages and resources that have been added, and new items are regularly being added to the online store! We have a wide range of really cool sustainable items, including laundry detergent, upcycled yarn , Palestinian Fair trade products, bedding, phone cases and more!

Shop Darn Good Yarn
Click here to order

Tru Earth Laundry Strips

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Facebook Boycott Update and Action Item Request

Facebook Fails to Appease Organizers of Ad Boycott NYT

As the Facebook advertising boycott continues, this website continues to add its’ voice to countless others who are calling for Facebook to be held accountable for hate speech, violence, misinformation and other significant problems that it is allowing to continue.

Facebook does not yet seem moved to action, and appears confident that people will continue to use the platform (eyes on screens) and spend $ (advertising revenue). We all have a part to play in speaking up against hate. In that spirit, here is my ask for today:

ACTION: This website does have a Facebook page, and that is a way that many in this community are connected. My ask for today is that you join others by following the website (here) by email/through WordPress. Not only will you get more information (the website has far more details, resources and an online store!), you will be able to stay connected without opening Facebook.

By joining others on the website, you will be a part of helping make a statement to Facebook, and contributing one small action towards change against hate speech. Click here for details.

NOTE: In line with the boycott, I will not be promoting this on Facebook. Please share widely within your circles. See you soon!

Click here for details.

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Asking for Free Stuff From Freelancers – Video Proof of Why it Doesn’t Work… :)

Freelancers and others frequently get asked to work for free, or for significantly reduced rates. It definitely happens in the non-profit world, and I have heard from others that it is frequently a problem in the creative world as well.

Along with strong support for a Universal Basic Income, and significant caps on CEO/executive and other high earner salaries to close the gap between low and high earners, let’s start from the premise that everybody deserves to be paid fairly for the skills and expertise that the bring to a project. We all deserve to have a living wage, whether freelancer or not.

Happy watching! (And thanks to everyone in the video for testing the theory in the real world, so that I don’t have to do it! :))

Watching from Facebook? Join us on the website for more great resources!

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Stop Hate for Profit – Boycott of Advertising on Facebook

As many of you may have already heard, a boycott has begun, Stop Hate for Profit – withdrawing advertising dollars from Facebook until they strengthen their regulations and policies related to hate speech, violence, misinformation and other related pieces.

I personally know that I, and this website, are a very small operation, and my few dollars of advertising that I have spent do not register in any meaningful way in Facebook’s advertising budget. At the same time, I firmly believe that we each need to use our voice – in whatever form that takes – to stand up for what is right. Collectively, we can create changes that none of us can do on our own.

So, in that spirit, I will not be spending any money on Facebook for July and August, and possibly later. This could change (earlier or later) depending on the status of the boycott and if/when changes happen. I will do my best to keep you updated on things as they evolve.

In the meantime, for those of you who have joined us only on Facebook, I would like to offer extra encouragement to come over to my website and join there! All of my posts (which you see on Facebook) are there, plus I have lots of extra resources, and an online store, filled (and growing!) with lots of cool, sustainable items!

If you know others who might be interested in joining as well, please share this around. The more the merrier! 🙂

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